Addison Rae Screen Break

Addison Rae’s new blue light protecting skincare product, ‘Screen Break’

Addison Rae Releases Controversial Product

TikTok star Addison Rae’s ‘ITEM Beauty by Addison Rae’, sold at beauty megastore Sephora, is a variety of “clean” moisturizers and makeup that caters to health-conscious consumers; as well as her fans. This week, a Blue Light + Anti Pollution Protection Mist called ‘Screen Break’ hit the shelves. The product is similar in the claim to Valkyrae’s controversial brand RFLCT, which caused an uproar last year over the company’s claim that it can protect you from “harmful” blue light rays from digital screens.

Addison Rae claims that blue light is destroying your skin, saying in her video promoting the product: “Meet Screen Break, ITEM Beauty’s Blue light and Anti-Pollution Face Mist. I’m on my phone and laptop a lot, and if you don’t know, the blue light that comes from devices can actually cause skin fatigue. So this is clinically proven to protect your skin from artificial blue light.

Addison appears to be following in the footsteps of Valkyrae; whose product was met with backlash due to the questionable science behind claiming that your screen has any impact on your skin’s health. Numerous professionals came forward and ultimately RFLCT was shut down and pulled from Ultra Beauty’s shelves in response.

Valyrae’s skincare line ‘RFLCT’

Negative Reviews

Reviews are already pouring in on Sephora’s website:

“Didn’t Valkyrae’s skincare line get backlash and discontinued almost immediately because there’s no scientific proof that blue light does any damage to your skin? It sounds nice, I admit, but I feel like it’s just another way to make money on something you don’t need. I could be wrong though, is this different?” – Sephora user

“Does nothing, it’s just water in a bottle.” – Sephora user

Allegedly, Sephora is removing negative responses; a user had this to say:

“I had a question removed because I asked about all the 5 star reviews from people with free samples. This does nothing special, but it’s rated like it does. So disappointing?

The product is described as “a hydrating blue light mist clinically shown to protect skin from artificial HEV blue light and daily pollution”. The main ingredient is listed as Ashwagandha Root, which allegedly protects the skin from artificial HEV blue light.

Additionally, members of the community are going as far as calling the product a scam.


Are Addison Rae and Valkyrae’s Products The Same?

Although the ingredients may be slightly different, these products aim to achieve the same debunked result. Given the backlash against Valkyrae, it seems likely that Addison will also see the same reaction to a very similar product.

Update (2/2/22 @ 12:30 PM EST):

In disbelief, Valkyrae reacts to the news of Addison Rae’s new product on Twitter:


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