On Monday, YouTuber SoLLUMINATI, who’s real name is Javontay Baynes, uploaded a video titled “ADIN ROS MUST BE STOPPED !!”, where the YouTuber attempted to expose Ross.

Although Baynes says he still believes Ross is a top-5 streamer on Twitch, he had some harsh words for the 21-year-old creator. He states that he’s speaking out for other YouTubers that also have the same issues with Ross’s content.

Ross is well known for making ‘sus’ comments on his streams; however, such comments are now at the center of Baynes’s criticism. In his video, Baynes argues that Ross has taken his ‘sus’ comments too far, and is offending the LGBTQ+ community because of it:

“You like a predator bro […] You can get away with this sh*t but these people out here getting bullied and killed for really being gay.”

– Baynes, speaking out against Ross in his video.

“He’s useless”, Baynes said on stream while claiming that Ross has built his entire career on these types of jokes. “I know you doing it for attention, I know you be getting the views, I know.”, he said.

Baynes’s main point to Ross is that he is turning his young audience “bi-curious” and that his audience thinks Adin’s behavior is “normal”. Adin is known for doing these “sus moments” to rappers, who portray strong reactions against his behavior.

“Please stop preying on men, stop doing ‘sus moments’ […] Don’t you know why you blew up? It’s because all these little kids want to see you say some gay [innuendo] and get the rappers reaction.”

– Baynes, speaking on Ross’s on his path to success.

Logan Paul discusses Adin Ross’s potentially offensive content

Baynes isn’t the only one who has confronted Ross about these types of jokes. On Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, Paul briefly discussed with Ross how some could find the nature of his content to be offensive:

“I said one thing one time, like a verbiage slip, right? The LGBTQ community came after me, buried me. How come they’re not burying you?”

– Logan Paul, speaking to Ross regarding his sense of humor.

Ross has yet to make any comments regarding the situation. However, at this time, he plans to react on stream:


(2/22/22 @ 4 PM EST): Adin Ross Reacts on Stream

Adin Ross reacted to the situation on stream, where he defends his content.

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