The Weigh-In:

On Friday, the weigh-ins for Showstar’s UK vs UKA boxing event were held. At this event, fans finally managed to get a glimpse at Deji’s physique. Following Deji’s reveal, many fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Deji’s transformation. Additionally, Deji’s opponent, Alex Wassabi, has undergone a significant transformation too. The appearance and commitment from both fighters is a reassurance to fans that their fight will be a night to remember.

Vitaly’s Suprise:

Deji and Wassabi were not the only ones who shocked fans during the event. In fact, Vitaly managed to do just that. Vitaly was present at the event, practically naked, with all but a suspender-thong loosely covering him. As would be expected, many fans of YouTube boxing took to Twitter to share their hilarious reactions:

Post-Event Egging:

Following the event, Alex Wassabi and his team were targeted by UK fans. According to sources close to DramaAlert & HappyPunch, the fighter and his team were met with an egging and an onslaught of punches. In a video obtained by DramaAlert & HappyPunch, Wassabi can be seen fleeing shortly after the egging occurred.


Footage of Wassabi & Team being Egged:


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