Alex Wassabi Interview

A screenshot from the recent Alex Wassabi Interview.

Alex Wassabi and Deji have been in a multi-year-long beef. With the announcement of their upcoming boxing match, the pair have been taking the opportunity to send more shots at each other. Today, Wassabi reacted to Deji’s most recent training footage.  “Every time he puts something out, it makes me less and less nervous”, Wassabi said in a recent interview with MirrorFighting. In this interview, Wassabi reasserted his confidence in his boxing abilities, while also playing down Deji’s. At one point Wassabi even suggested that Deji should get a sports psychologist.

“Why would he put that out” – Wassabi, reacting to Deji.

Deji’s recent training footage:

In this interview, Wassabi discussed his transition into sports, his departure from YouTube, and much more. Importantly, in the interview, he shades Deji a few times. However, he didn’t just speak badly. “I think he learned from his mistakes”, Wassabi shared. Additionally, Wassabi voiced his concerns for the fighter.  “If he loses, I want him to continue boxing”, Wassabi shared.

Deji has yet to respond to Wassabi’s comments. In the meantime, fans will have to wait to hear his response. Looking for more boxing news, click here to learn about the pair’s upcoming fight.