A photograph of Amouranth.

There’s no better way to sum it up than in Amouranth’s words herself, “End Of An Era.” Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa and OnlyFans have been a dynamic duo that seemed to never end. Amouranth even confirmed that she was earning approximately $1 Million from the platform on a podcast. But on April 12th, 2022, Amouranth shocked the internet when she announced that she decided that she would be quitting OnlyFans via Twitter.

“END OF AN ERA. IT’S TIME TO STOP BEING AN E-GIRL COLD TURKEY AND QUIT 0NLY FANS IN JUNE. GOING ALL OUT TIL THEN, WILL GO OUT WITH A BANG -GRAND FINALE FIRST UP, I JUST MADE 350,000-$400,000 INVESTMENT IN CONTENT ON TWITCH. YOU ARE ALL INVITED, WILL ANNOUNCE AT END OF WEEK. […] Outcome is binary, either it works or it doesn’t. We’re ALL-IN. I’ve often talked about a career pivot. But I’ve sort of been picking my spot, investing, accruing capital and deploying it when opportunities make sense. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I PUT CONSIDERABLE REAL. […] TIME, MUSCLE AND DINERO BEHIND THE EFFORTS! I’m making a big investment in content that’s different than anything I’ve ever made. We’re moving “influencer” and “creator economy” into what is traditionally the domain and competency of legacy media. BIG fixed costs, BIG RISK, & BIGGER BUDGETS FORTHCOMING. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING (or the beginning of the end of me disappearing from online). WHOS GOT MY BACK?”

– Amouranth

The decision seems to be coming from out of the left-field with absolutely no form of hinting from the creator besides the fact that she wanted to “stop being an egirl.” But the fact that this decision has already received almost half a million dollars from Siragusa shows just how much she is ready to get rid of the “egirl” mantle and just how far to an extent she’ll go for her fans.