Twitch streamer Amouranth has been known for her many business tactics, but this one might be her most ambitious yet.

For a recap, here are some of Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Sigarusa’s many mogul moves.

And continuing on with her trend of “go big or go home” moves, and taking inspiration from her 7-11 purchase, billboards have started to appear in Los Angeles to advertise her OnlyFans.

She added that the billboards in her tweet are located in the Hollywood area and that they aren’t a joke. Amouranth even decided to make it a scavenger hunt for her fans to find and tweet her a picture of the billboards in exchange for a free month of her OnlyFans content. The music industry standard of billboards seems to have become the next big trend for Streamers to take over, with Ludwig similarly having his V-Tuber avatar on a billboard outside the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Esports organization NRG also used a billboard to promote their signing of gaming legends Daequan and Hamlinz

As of right now, Amouranth is yet to fully explain the billboards further, but one can only imagine what’s next for the creator.