Yesterday, June 15th, 2022, Twitch streamer Amouranth took to Twitter to speak out against a crazed stalker. On Twitter, Amouranth detailed her experience with this crazed individual, explaining how her stalker has taken stalking to the extreme.

In her Twitter thread, she revealed that her stalker traveled all the way from Estonia to her city. Additionally, at one point she revealed that her stalker sold his home to afford such miscreant behavior. “He hocked his worldly ties, selling his house, his car, ALL HIS POSSESSIONS, his CAT EVEN” Amouranth shared.

Furthermore, Amouranth shared her noticeable concern for her stalker, as she clearly feared for her safety. On Twitter, she clarified that her stalker even tried to break in at one point. “When he started trying to break in/gain entry, I called 9-11”, she shared.

Fortunately for the streamer, she revealed that her stalker was “arrested/detained”, and that “the embassy was contacted”. However, since posting her story, many other streamers have begun to speak about their own stalking experiences. Additionally, Amouranth’s tweets have been met with an outpouring of support.