Austin McBroom Set The Record Straight Following Accusation From KSI's Manager

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On March 12th, 2022, Austin McBroom set the Record straight following accusation from KSI’s Manager. On Twitter KSI’s manager Mams Taylor updated fans about KSI’s future in both music and boxing. In statement, he informed fans that they can expect both from the YouTuber later this year. Additionally, he shared some words regarding KSI fighting Austin McBroom. On Twitter Taylor hinted at the fact that McBroom was asking for too much money in order to fight KSI.  

McBroom was not very happy with Taylor’s tweet. In fact, McBroom took the comment section of HappyPunch’s Instagram to set the record straight. On Instagram, McBroom let fans know that KSI’s team allegedly never even reached out to him to make a fight offer. McBroom also called KSI’s manager’s statement “CAP”.

Austin McBroom Slamming KSI

Austin McBroom Slamming KSI On Instagram.




  • March 14, 2022: Following McBroom’s accusation that KSI’s team never reached out, Mams Taylor took to Twitter to share proof that they did allegedly reach out. In a shared image, Taylor censored specific monetary values associated with a preposed fight contract. Additionally, at the time of posting, it was not made clear who this offer was for, as most assumed it was for KSI.

Following Taylor’s tweet, fans of KSI & McBroom started analyzing the image and conducting photo-forensics. A few were able to restore parts of the blocked out image, revealing the preposed Monterey figures.

In response to Taylor’s image, McBroom took to Instagram in a now deleted comment. In the comment, McBroom shared that this offer was for Gib, and not KSI.

McBroom via recently-deleted Instagram comment.

In response, Taylor clarified via Twitter that offer was indeed for Gib, however, Mams Taylor shared that KSI’s offer was “way more against [him]”.

Following that, McBroom then took the opportunity to flame KSI’s manager via IG stories, where he shared the following:

As of now, KSI has yet to comment publicly on the matter; however, he probably will at some point. We will update this article whenever KSI does.


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