Belle Delphine Is Returning
On April 18 and 19th, Belle Delphine took to Twitter to announce her return to social media. Additionally, Delphine, who has been absent the past year, returned with a collection of tweets, shocking Twitter in the process.


On Twitter, Delphine shared the following regarding the warm reception of her return
In all seriousness- I really am glad to be back and seeing all your familiar faces again! The internet has always been such a big part of my life and this past year I feel like I’ve missed… A LOT. Guess I’ve got some catching up to do !?
– Belle Delphine via Twitter.

Negative Reactions:

Not everyone was excited about her return. In fact, following her return, ‘Belle Delphine’ began to trend on Twitter, with many negatively reacting.
For example, one Twitter user reacted to the situation by tweeting a video captioned: Me going back in time to stop Belle Delphine from returning to Twitter

As of now, Belle Delphine has yet to respond to the negative reactions.