In a 10 minute video uploaded to her YouTube channel, transgender YouTube star Blaire White announced her episode was cancelled by the producers of Dr. Phil. Blaire initially announced the episode August 10th on Instagram

“Blaire White on the @drphil Show, coming soon 🎥 This episode is going to be incredibly personal and emotional. I’d like to thank @drphil and his wife Robin for being class acts during shooting! You won’t want to miss this.” @msblairewhite

In the video Blaire says she had been told the episode couldn’t air due to legal reasons. Blaire White’s episode was centric to family members who have disowned her in the past. Some of these people didn’t attend and because they were not present, Dr. Phil’s team allegedly claimed they couldn’t air it. Blaire White doesn’t necessarily believe them and has speculated Dr. Phil cancelled her episode for a very different reason.

“Maybe because I’m not necessarily daytime friendly, they decided it wasn’t going to be a good thing to air me. I think it’s possible that they disagreed with me politically and that was maybe a motivator, this is just me speculating.” – Blaire White


Despite being a transgender creator, Blaire White has been accused of transphobia on multiple occasions. She was called out by D’Angelo Wallace back in 2020 for slandering a transgender athlete named Jana Marie Kroc. This can be seen in full here. This is one of the many controversies that seem to keep coming back just like Ethan Klein’s father’s tweets that recently went viral.