Twitter Has A New Owner – Buyout Accepted!

It’s official, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has officially acquired Twitter for $44 billion dollars. This acquisition comes following a week of heated online debate regarding Musk’s ambitious offer. Musk has made it clear that his mission with the platform is to restore “free speech”. Initially, the Twitter board was resistant to Musk’s offer, however, have since changed their mind.  The news of Musk’s acquisition was first reported by the Verge, where they announced that Twitter has accepted the offer. However, there still may be a few legal obstacles in the way to migrating the public company to a private one, however, the deal is done. As a result of Musk’s purchase, many are fearing for the future of the platform, whilst others are rejoicing. So, what’s next for Twitter?

Free Speech & Concerns:

As of now, the specifics of Musk’s Twitter plans remain a mystery. Though many speculate that the new owner plans to make many aspects of the site ‘open-source’ in a bid to generate transparency. Open-sourcing Twitter would allow independent developers to audit Twitter’s code. This could help address the long-rumored ‘shadowbanning’ that has allegedly been taking place on the platform for years.

Despite this, many fear that Musk plans to silence his enemies. In an attempt to address this concern, Musk tweeted before the deal’s announcement that he hopes even his worst critics remain on Twitter:

What will happen next?

Time will tell if Musk’s ownership serves as a good change for the platform. For now, users of the platforms will have to wait to hear more from Musk. One thing that Musk plans to address is the platform’s botting problem. It will be interesting to see how Musk can address this problem.

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