The world of chess has been shaken up recently, as some of the game’s biggest stars have managed to find themselves at the center of controversy. As a result, chess viewers are now accusing a rising star of cheating through the use of remote-controlled anal beads.

Niemann Accused of cheating by using Anal Beads:

This story first began earlier this month on the 4th when the rising chess star Hans Niemann managed to beat chess’s number one player Magnus Carlsen during a tournament, ending Carlsen’s 53-game win streak in the process. The following day the five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen withdrew from the tournament, releasing a short statement via Twitter in the process. During this time, many in the chess community interpreted Carlsen’s actions as a response to potential cheating by Niemann. Rumors began to circulate amongst viewers as a result.

The next day, on the 6th of September, Niemann admitted to cheating as a 12-year-old kid whilst in an interview; however, Niemann denied ever cheating since. For reference, Neimann is currently 19 years of age.

Following Niemann’s admission of cheating, the largest online chess platform chess.comĀ removed Niemann from the platform, with the platform publically stating that Niemann’s cheating is far greater than what he shared.

Carlsen Resigns During Rematch:

The drama continued roughly 10 days later when Niemann and Carlsen were set to rematch as a part of the Generational Cup. During this game, world champion Carlsen resigned after his first move in protest of the alleged cheating. Carlsen’s resignation ultimately would lead to much speculation over Niemann’s play.

The Origins of #AnalBeadGate

As a result of these cheating accusations, a rumor began to surface that Niemann was cheating through the usage of remote-controlled anal beads. This theory first appeared after Twitch streamer Chessbrah jokingly suggested the idea on stream, since then many have taken this theory and have run with it. As a result, many in the chess community are calling this scandal ‘#AnalBeadGate’.

Influencers Speak on #AnalBeadGate

During this controversy, many influencers have spoken up about the drama, sharing their opinions. One such creator, MrBeast, shared his two cents after Magnus Carlsen released a statement on the integrity of chess.

As of now, there has been no definitive evidence that Niemann has cheated, though this story is still developing.