Corinna Kopf is back in the spotlight after posting a story on Instagram about COVID-19. This isn’t the first time this has happened, where fans have been upset with Corinna over the topic of COVID-19. On July 5th, 2021, Corinna opened up with her fan base about what getting vaccinated is like for someone with anxiety. Furthermore, Corinna pointed out how people will only respect you if you take the vaccine, and will say you’re selfish if you don’t.

Consequently, Corinna got massive backlash from all corners of the world: 

Following the backlash, Corinna opened up about how she felt about the vaccine, before saying “The internet is a really weird place”.

Corinna replies again towards the backlash after being told to die, and other threatening remarks of that nature. 

Recently, Corinna is back in the spotlight with an Instagram post stating that you shouldn’t twist her words and that the vaccine shouldn’t be mandatory. 

Corina Kopf Covid post

After she posted that on her story, someone replied to her saying an incredibly offensive remark that truly proves her point about the vaccine and people disrespecting others’ opinions.

Corina Kopf called the R-Word

Although she may have received this offensive message, she also later posted that she’s been receiving many supportive messages from fans. 

Corina Kpof's Instagram post

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Writer: Garrett Allers

Editor: Owen Eugenio