In March, Corinna Kopf made a shocking announcement that she would be returning to Twitch after streaming on Facebook Gaming for almost 3 years. Since her return, she has shot up the charts to be a top 1% streamer with her gaming and In-Real-Life live streams, but that traction has been to a forced halt after Twitch had a complaint about one of her streams.


In typical Twitch ban fashion, the reason as to why was a mystery for everyone, with fans flocking together to craft theories behind the reasoning of the platform’s decision. However, after a period of silence, Kopf stepped in to explain why she was banned by tweeting a portion of the email she had been sent with the caption, “Ain’t the first time.”

Corrina Kopf Suspended On Twitch


According to the screenshot, the reasoning as to why she had received the 24-hour ban was due to breaking Twitch’s Inappropriate Attire policy. Further context is provided below.

Uploading content or streaming yourself, co-hosts, or guests wearing attire that violates [Twitch’s] Nudity and Attire Policy, including showing visible outlines of genitals or exposed underbust.

The topic of inappropriate attire bans has been an incredibly polarizing topic on the platform due to the inconsistensy of the rulings. Many fans of Kopf were quick to note that Twitch’s decision to say her attire was inappropriate was ironic due to the existense of the many hot tubs and pools streamers that have been on the platform.

The replies from fans all corroborate the theme that Twitch has strange rulings, and even forcing Kopf to tweet out a statement of her own touching on the topic.

“Twitch is so picky choosy with what they decide what to ban people for, couldn’t even tell you what got me banned but i see thong bikinis all day long on twitch,. doesn’t make a lot of sense to me  actually it’s really F****** weird”


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