One of YouTube’s largest creators, David Dobrik, recently shared to his fans on his Podcast that he has not earned any money from YouTube. In fact, David Dobrik hasn’t earned any money in 4 years! Dobrik, who has had a controversial past year due to finding himself in the middle of sexual assault allegations, was once dubbed the king of vlogging due to his flashy videos, where he would give away expensive items, such as luxury cars. But it seems not all things are hot for the 18 million-sub creator.


Dobrik speaks on earning no money and doing paid content:

“yeah, I haven’t made a dollar off youtube” – David Dobrik, on the VIEWS podcast.

Following the airing of the latest episode of VIEWS, Dobrik’s podcast, the creator opened up about his channel’s monetary situation. On the podcast, he shared that he has not earned any money from YouTube in nearly four years. He also addressed the idea of launching paid content, though he was ultimately against the idea. The idea of paid content is not new to his fan base though. Surprisingly, many of Dobrik’s fans have been asking him to make paid content for ages.

High quality, but high production cost:

There is no good explanation as to why David Dobrik makes no money from YouTube, though it may be because the vlogger has a high production cost. Dobrik has suggested in the past that his videos are pricey. He once told the Men’s Health magazine that he spent $400 to $500 dollars on a pony, which was used for only 5 seconds in his vlog.

On the technical side of things, low ad revenue is to be suspected from Dobrik’s channel. As short-form content generally underperforms monetarily in comparison to longer-form content. As a substitute for youtube’s advertising market, fans have known for a while now that most of David Dobrik’s money came in the form of video sponsorships. Prior to last year’s sexual assault scandal, Dobrik’s content was sponsored by some of the biggest brands, such as Facebook, SeatGeek, HelloFresh, General Mills, etc. Some outlets even estimate that these sexual assault allegations cost the creator potentially millions in sponsored revenue.

Though David Dobrik may not be making money from YouTube advertisements, it is safe to safe that the 18 million subscriber vlogger will continue to be influential on the platform.


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