David Dobrik Reveals His Plan on Giving Up YouTube

In his newest episode of VIEWS, David Dobrik reveals his future plans regarding Youtube.

The podcast’s accurately titled chapter, “David on Giving Up Youtube,” tackles the subject regarding David Dobrik leaving YouTube to pursue his next goal. The conversation starts immediately as Dobrik is asked “do you want to give up YouTube?” to which he responds, “yeah … somewhat.”

“I don’t know, I kinda do, kinda don’t. I feel like I’ve done it… I don’t know. I don’t know how to answer this in the sweetest way possible. There’s different days where I do, different days where I don’t. Like I’m so happy with the videos I’ve created, and I’ve made so many of them where I’m like… ‘ I’ve completed everything I wanted to finish on Youtube.’ Like I’m like really content with those videos, and like… that’s it. Like I do wanna put a bow on it, and wrap it up.”

– David Dobrik

The last time Dobrik has touched on the topic of quitting was in December of 2021 where he had ran into the same issue of him wanting to find “something else.” But whether this will be the final moment we see of David Dobrik and his vlogs, is a question that will be answered on another day.



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