Deji Alex Wassabi

Deji vs Alex Wassabi

Last night, on Saturday, March 5th, Deji suffered the third loss in his boxing career. During the lead up for his fight versus Alex Wassabi, he stated that if he were to lose, then retirement would be next for him.

“No. I’m not fighting again. If I lose, I’m not fighting again […] If I was to lose, then clearly this sport isn’t for me because I’ll be 0-3.” Deji confidently said while confirming he won’t step in the ring again following defeat.

After Deji suffered a split decision loss, in what many fans believe was his best performance, he reveals that he’s here to stay:

“I want you to see me as an example. Yeah — I failed. 3 times. But I’m not stopping. I’m coming back. I’m going to carry on boxing and I’m going to get a victory. You know for a fact I will […] Use me as an example. I will get you a victory, I promise you that.”

– Deji speaking on his future in boxing

Alex Wassabi reacted to Deji’s video, calling him the “peoples champ”:

Deji Alex Wassabi

Following the fight, Deji and Wassabi were pictured together, squashing any beef that remained

Deji has yet to call anyone out. For now, he’s focused on training and improving.

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