Did KSI just retire from boxing? There has been a lot of speculation about whether KSI is going to ever fight again. Preoccupied with his music career, KSI has left fight fans in the dark. In a TikTok posted on On January 6th, 2022, KSI shocked his fans with a statement he made. In this TikTok, KSI called himself a ‘retired boxer’. This raises the question. Did KSI really retire from boxing?
Though the platinum-selling fighter claims to have retired, fans are confident he’s joking. One reason fans think that is because both he and Austin Mcbroom have been floating the idea of boxing. In recent, McBroom took to Instagram to call out the undefeated KSI to a fight.
Fans are also confident about this other reason. Back on New Year’s Eve, KSI took to Instagram to share with fans that he had reconnected with his former trainers. Fans took this as a sign that KSI is preparing for an upcoming boxing-filled year. 


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