DisguisedToast was just hit with a DMCA ban. Recently, there has been an uptick in DMCA-related drama on the Twitch platform, first starting with Hasan, then moving to Pokimane. Today,  Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has followed in Pokimane’s footsteps. He was banned on Twitch for what appears to be DMCA violations. This comes after Toast streamed animes like ‘Naruto’ and ‘Death Note’.

Reactionary Twitch streamers and their constant battle against DMCA strikes lead to its next casualty of Disguised Toast simply 3 days after his OTV Colleague, Pokimane, was banned on twitch for 48 hours after her stream of Avatar: The Last Airbender. After making it through 25 episodes of Death Note on his most recent broadcast, his stream was abruptly cut short as his entire twitch was wiped due to being banned.

After the strike, Toast took to Twitter to say “They really couldn’t wait 20 more minutes huh.”

The Community is shocked:

Toast revealed his punishment to be an entire month. This is an extreme difference compared to Pokimane’s punishment of 48 hours. Some people in the twitch community have been voicing their concerns over his ban length as well. Twitch safety council member Cohn Carnage spoke up on the matter.