The two-time Call of Duty national champion, Doug Censor Martin, has always been trying to get his footing back into Call of Duty after leaving “FaZe Clan” on Oct 16, 2019 to pursue other opportunities in the Call of Duty competitive scene.

Martin has always been in controversial situations with other professionals in the scene for better or for worse. In the past, Martin has been known to not be the best teammate in high stake games based on his game play, or his attitude towards his teammates whether that be scrims or main stage. Despite controversy with other professionals in the league he always maintains a good attitude.

 As of recently, Martin has been accused of cheating or ATS (automatic tactical sprint) in one of his recent games from the other team’s coach.


In disbelief from his fans, Martin posted messages from the other team showing proof that he was being accused. 

Martin’s friend FaZe Rug then commented saying, “People always gotta find some negative shit to say lmao weirdos,” in support of Martin. 

December 28th, 2021, Martin addresses the situation on Twitter again stating he was allegedly dropped from the team because of the coach that was accusing him of cheating.

Fans responded with lots of love for Martin.




Author: Garrett Allers