DrDisrespect SLAMS YouTube Gaming Due To The Lack of Support

DrDisrespect Speaks Out Against YouTube Gaming:

It’s no secret that DrDisrespect has had a rocky and controversial past. For instance, back in 2017, the streamer admitted to being ‘unfaithful’ to his wife. Additionally, in 2019, the streamer came under fire for streaming inside a bathroom at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade event. Furthermore, a year later in 2020, the wig-wearing streamer was mysteriously and indefinitely suspended from Twitch following the signing of a multi-million dollar deal with the streaming platform. Furthermore, it was not until only recently that we learn his indefinite Twitch suspension was related to a legal dispute with the platform. However, on March 17th, 2022, DrDisrespect may have added a new chapter to his drama-filled saga. As on Thursday, the streamer took to Twitter to voice his frustrations. On Twitter, DrDisrespect SLAMS YouTube Gaming Due To The Lack of Support.

Voicing His Frustrations:

On Twitter, the self proclaimed ‘two-time champion’ aired out his dirty laundry for the platform. In a tweet he grilled YouTube Gaming for failing to mention him, despite him generating unprecedented viewership for the platform.

DrDisrespect’s Recent Growth:

Since his Twitch suspension, DrDisrespect has seen some crazy growth. According to the social media analytics company Social Blade, the streamer is estimated to generate over 25 million views and nearly 1 million new subscribers for the platform this year alone. For someone who primarily streams, such viewership is quite impressive.

Another social media analytic company known as Stream Hatchet revealed that in the Doctor’s second year on YouTube, he has seen growth of over 48% in watch time, ballooning his Twitch metrics by a long shot.

This raises the question, why hasn’t YouTube Gaming supported the streamer?

Is YouTube Gaming Really Not Supporting Him Fully?

In DramaAlert’s investigation into the matter, the gaming division of YouTube has only ever mentioned the streamer twice on Twitter, with one of them being a rather foolish gif of the doctor. Additionally, both tweets were in response to fans of the doctor, meaning that YouTube Gaming has never taken the opportunity to tweet about the doctor on their own volition.

In comparison to other popular YouTube Gaming streamers, such as Valkyrae and Courage, YouTube Gaming has tweeted and interacted with these streamers dozens of times, completely dwarfing the number of times the platform has interacted with the doctor.

One possible explanation as to why the platform is uninterested in supporting the streamer is that they see the doctor as a brand potential risk. As the doctor has had a history of using his platform to share his controversial views. For example, back in 2020, DrDisrespect came under heavy fire for using his platform to share what some have called dangerous COVID-19 conspiracy theories. Furthermore, given the current world situation regarding environmental health, perhapses YouTube Gaming has refused to use their own social channels out of fear some will mistake DrDisrespect as a real medical doctor.

As of the publication of this article, YouTube Gaming has yet to respond to the situation. If the platform ever decides to do so, #DramaAlert will update this article.


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