Early this morning, Ethan Klein, who’s best known for his YouTube channel H3H3 Productions, took to Twitter to share his stance on Joe Rogan. On Twitter, Klein accuses Rogan of causing vaccine hesitancy. Klein also took the opportunity to take a shot at Joe Rogan’s health. However, some Twitter users weren’t too fond of Klein’s views.

Ethan Klien makes a statement on Joe Rogan

Ethan Klein took to Twitter early on January 4th, 2022 to share his opinion on podcaster Joe Rogan.

It is not entirely clear what exactly provoked Klein’s tweet, though one reason may be because Rogan has been sharing the importance of being healthy with his audience. For example, After Klein’s tweet, Rogan made the following Instagram post where he discusses the importance of being healthy. In this Instagram post, Rogan also shared a CNN headline that discussed the link between obesity and being more vulnerable to COVID-19.

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Community Reactions:

Some Twitter users weren’t so fond of Klein’s views on Rogan, especially with regards to his health. In fact, many Twitter users took the opportunity to point out that Klein himself isn’t the most healthy.

Supporters and Critics Clash:

As a result of Klein’s tweets, many supporters and critics began clashing with each other. At one point during the Twitter spectacle, ‘Ethan Klein’ and ‘Rogan’  began trending.

Ethan Klein trending following backlash due to Joe Rogan statement.

Ethan’s previous criticism of Joe Rogan:

Back in September of 2021, Ethan Klein aired similar criticism to Joe Rogan.

Keemstar enters the mix:

Keemstar, who has had a long-standing feud with Klein, shared his opinions on the matter.


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