Showstar Press Conference

Showstar held their UK vs USA press conference on Thursday. The 1 hour, 30 minute show was nothing short of pure entertainment. The event was heated, and drama-filled. Here is a compilation of the highlights from the event, including things you may have missed while watching.

Stromedy and Austin Sprinz go at it:


Vitaly comes dressed as Ivan Drago from Rocky:

Showstar Press Conference

Vitaly goes off on Kristen Hansby: “I’m f—ing sick in the head motherf—er!”:


FaZe Temperrr trolls King Kenny:


Deji says he wants Joe Weller or Bryce Hall next:


Ryan Taylor attacks DK Money and Stromedy’s trainer:


“With the UK going head to head with the USA, and¬†Deji and Wassabi battling out in the ring, we can’t wait for the action and entertainment to get started,”

–¬†Ashley Bothwell, Director of Showstar Entertainment speaking to Buissness Insider

There’s no doubt millions will be tuning in to watch the event and thousands in attendance for the spectacle of YouTube boxing. Still want to see more from this event? You can find a link to the full press conference by clicking here.


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