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FaZe Clan and their newest show ‘The Warehouse’ has been one of the many innovative steps the eSports organization has taken to elevate their content to new heights. The show revolves around a core group comprised of the FaZe1 finalists, FaZe Clan members, and recurring guests who are friends of the brand. However, with the most recent events, FaZe Clan has been forced to pause the show, and FaZe1, due to a shocking wave of positive Covis-19 test results.

Initially, when the results were brought to light, FaZe Clan had made the decision to disqualify Potter, a finalist known for his underwater trickshot. This instantly gripped the hearts of thousands as they started to voice their outrage at the organization for maintaining a “Show must go on” mentality.

Behind the scenes, however, the issues weren’t the response of the audience, instead, it was the fact that the positive test results didn’t just start and end with Potter. Following the disqualification of Potter, 2 more creators had tested positive as well. This led to FaZe Clan making the decision that they would be replacing the three creators who could no longer compete, with the alternates that were selected before the show had begun.


This resulted in the communities of the creators voicing further outrage and distaste over Faze’s treatment of the situation. In order to give the community a larger understanding, FaZe Mew took to Twitter to provide context and ease the public by stating “To everyone who says reschedule to whole FaZe1 show, I know how frustrating it is to see your fav creators be DQ for something they can’t control. But assuming because of contracts, sponsors, production crew, etc. they can’t. The show must go on. My prayers to the contestants.To everyone who even made the top 20. Trust me, there’s more opportunities down the road for all of them. Knowing FaZe, they see what everyone’s talking about and what the people want. I think backlashing isn’t going to help though. But moving forward, I hope no one else catches.”


Following the announcement to substitute our contestants, on May 10th, FaZe announced that they had come to a new decision.


The response since has been nothing short of positive, however, this begs the question of when the competition will continue. Sadly as of current that question still lies unanswered; however, we will keep you updated after any developments arise.


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