Gordon Ramsay cooked up some interest in Twitch:

Gordon Ramsay, one of the world’s most famous and wealthiest television chefs, just discovered Twitch. Some aren’t ecstatic about it either. The hells-kitchen host recently took to Twitter to ask what is Twitch. Though not all is peachy in the streaming world, some fear this may lead to copyright strikes.

Ramsay’s tweet comes after streamer triciaisabirdy went on Ramsay’s show, where he asked “What the Fuck is Twitch” following triciaisabirdy mentioning her occupation.


In response to Ramsay’s tweet, many of the platform’s largest streamers took the opportunity to reach out in hopes of a collab with the chef-television personality.

Streamer XQC managed to get lucky with his attempt and received a reply back from Ramsay.

Initial fear from the community:

For some in the Twitch community, Ramsay’s newfound interest in the platform raised alarm bells, as they feared his interest would lead to copyright strikes, etc.

Gordon Ramsay genuine interest quells fear:

Though there was initial fear, most of the fear has since resided between the community and Ramsay. Ramsay has been taking a very light-hearted approach to familiarizing himself with the community. Ramsay and the official Twitch Twitter account went as far as changing their Twitter bios, cracking some jokes at each other.

Gordon Ramsay's Twitter bio showing that he just discovered Twitch

Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter bio shows that he doesn’t know what twitch is.

Twitch's cracking a few jokes at Gordon Ramsay

Twitch’s Twitter bio joking in response to Ramsay


Is Twitch cooking up a collab?

Could Gordon Ramsay and Twitch be cooking up a collab? Who knows, for now, the Twitch community will have to wait and see. In the meantime, if you would like to read more streamer news, click here.