YouTube personality Ethan Klein and host of the ‘H3 Podcast’ was forced to cancel his team’s Christmas episode. Ethan Klein’s Christmas special had taken approximately one month of preparation but was abruptly ruined by YouTube in a matter of seconds. The community guideline strike Ethen received yesterday evening will end up sidelining the H3 Podcast for a week. Ethan was very vocal on his Twitter where he expressed his discontent with YouTube’s decision.









As for the community guideline strike itself, Ethan claims YouTube wouldn’t tell him what exactly it was that got him into trouble and states that the video he supposedly reacted to, is still widely available on YouTube with over 100,000 views. Ethan also throws shade at his detractors by saying…

“congratulations to all the trolls that have been mass flagging every video we’ve ever made, with any luck you’ll have our channel erased by Christmas” – @h3h3productions

Ethan Klein could be referring to quite a few YouTubers he currently has beef with. A recent episode on ‘The H3 Podcast’ YouTube channel involving the discussion of Trisha Paytas had entire segments removed from after what appeared to be family drama. Speaking of Ethan’s family, his mother Donna Klein had quite a bit to say on Tiktok regarding Ethan’s suspension.

YouTube ultimately ended up denying Ethan’s appeal which upset a majority of his fanbase. Ethan’s subreddit r/h3h3productions is currently flooded with posts supporting the Klein’s and their staff. There are also large posts on the front page targeting individual reddit commenters who disagree and accusing them of being a sock account of Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh. Notably, Ryan Kavanaugh is currently suing Ethan Klein for defamation and citing alleged harassment he has received.

This isn’t Ethan’s first run in with YouTube. Ethan Klein has actually been disciplined earlier this year. The H3 Podcast YouTube channel previously received a community guideline strike for harassment.

Update 12/21/21 (10:40): Ethan Klein was unsuspended from YouTube earlier this evening and the strike on his account has been removed. Never the less, Ethan announced on Twitter that the Christmas episode will still be cancelled. He stated this was related to a COVID-19 scare in the Teddy Fresh offices.