Horror YouTuber LoeyLane Shares Her Scary Uber Experience

LoeyLane Shares Her Scary Ride:

It’s no secret that true crime and horror is a popular genre for content creators on YouTube. Many influencers of this style cover scary topics, such as unsolved crimes and paranormal activities. For one YouTuber, LoeyLane, the scares extended past the screen, as on March 23rd, 2022, she took to Twitter sharing a frightening Uber experience.

On Twitter LoeyLane shared that she was locked in a car while her Uber ride was ended, all whilst the driver was telling her that she was going to a ‘parking garage’. In her tweet she shared that she had to kick and yell multiple times before the driver let her go — releasing her in a “dark” and “empty street in Los Angeles”.

Uber Issues A Response:

Following the release of her statement, Uber replied to her account apologizing for the inconvenienced they caused. On Twitter the ride-sharing company asked her to privately message contact information so that they can further assist in the situation.

LoeyLane Airs Out Strong Feelings:

In response to what some have felt is a blanket statement from the company, LoeyLane took to Twitter to air her feelings for the company. In response, LoeyLane called for the suspension of the driver, and a through investigation of the situation.

In two follow up statements, LoeyLane stressed how the situation was unsafe for her and other women. On Twitter she shared: “I have felt unsafe in a car with one of your drivers, but it’s is certainly the worst given that this man refused to let me out.” Additionally, LoeyLane shared that her driver had a new account — with the driver’s account being just 6 days old. In a closing statement, LoeyLane ended her statement by casting doubt to the companies safety: “It is impossible to trust a company who doesn’t put your safety first even enough for a temporary suspension or something”.

The #DramaAlert news team reached out to Uber, however, the company has yet to issue a response.



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