YouTube live streamer, known as Paul ‘ Ice Poseidon ‘ Denino, was caught stealing ‘$500,000 from his fans’, according to a recent Coffeezilla YouTube video. In this video, Coffeezilla confronts the streamer over his recent pump-and-dump scandal. In this video, Ice Poseidon openly admits to taking funds out of his project’s liquidity pool, additionally, the streamer says he was just looking out for himself. “I could give the money back” … “but I’m going to look out for myself”, he said in an interview with Coffee.

In this video, Coffee discusses Ice Poseidon’s poor actions which lead fans into believing the streamer was going to be working on his crypto project for the long future. Additionally, Coffee also shares old clips of Ice Poseidon where he admits to credit card ‘fishing’ when he was younger.

Ice Poseidon responds to allegations:

Following the release of Coffee’s video, Ice Poseidon took to Twitter to share his side of the situation to Twitter, where he reaffirms his innocence.

“no money was “stolen” or “scammed” that is very misleading as people have always been able to sell and there’s still enough money to back those sales up” – Ice Poseidon in his Tweet-Longer.

Following Ice Poseidon’s statement, Coffezilla released a video reacting and making fun of Ice Poseidon’s statement. At one point Coffeezilla jokingly says the streamer has memory loss.


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