Is Elon Musk Teasing New Social Media?

A New Social Media Platform?

It’s pretty well known that social media is the focal point of modern life. These days, our entire existence can be found on apps like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Yet with out clear explanation, our accounts can vanish seemingly overnight. Over the past half decade, many have took the liberty to claim that social media allows for rampant censorship. Well, on March 25th, 2022, Tesla CEO and SpaceEx Founder Elon Musk asked his fans if the social media platform Twitter is supporting free speech.

With Musk’s recent Twitter statements in mind, this raises the question: Is Elon Musk Teasing New Social Media platform?

Influencers React:

In reaction to the results of the early results of the poll, Musk tweeted: “Is a new platform needed?” As a response, many influencers took the opportunity to voice their hot takes on the matter.  YouTuber and TikTok Creator Hank Green cracked a few jokes about the matter — making fun of Elon Musk’s boring company in the process. Additionally YouTuber Nerd City chimed in by suggesting Twitter add a public dislike counter.

Such a public dislike counter can help with many of the sites ongoing problems, such as the lack of meaningful discussions. In recent, Twitter has experiment with the addition of dislikes, however, the dislikes were not publicly viewable.

Hank Green’s since-deleted tweet.

As of now, Twitter has not publicly addressed Musk. If the platform does, #DramaAlert will update the article.


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