IShowSpeed Firework

IShowSpeed reacting to the firework accident.

On July 4th, 2022, YouTuber IShowSpeed went viral after igniting fireworks in his home, almost burning his house down in the process. Today, July 5th, IShowSpeed shared an update on his situation.

In the clip which has since gone viral, the YouTube streamer can be seen igniting a pikachu-themed firework which quickly sent out sparks spreading all across his room, burning his walls, and bed in the process.

Clip of Speed’s Firework Accident:

Speed Updates Fans:

On his stream, the controversial YouTuber updated his fans on his accident, informing them that he and his family are safe. Additionally, Speed shared that he was unaware that the firework would explode in situation a violent manner. Furthermore, he let his fans know that his mother has been shaken up by the whole ordeal.

“I could’ve really killed my whole family”, Speed shared while streaming this afternoon. “Sometimes I do stuff without actually thinking”, he shared.

Speed Was Almost Arrested:

Additionally, on stream Speed shared that he was really close to being arrested as well. “The police was actually about to take me to jail”, Speed shared on stream this afternoon.

Speed’s Mother is Shaken Up:

When speaking about his mother, Speed shared that his mother is traumatized. “my mother is like traumatized from the situation, and it hurt in my heart to see my momma like that”, he shared.

IShowSpeed Full Update Stream: