Over the years, we’ve seen some interesting faces emerge in the online influencer realm. For the Island Boys, the story is not much different. Known for their unique look, fans were shocked to hear the news that the island boys got a haircut. Yesterday, April 16th, 2022, Kodiyak Redd (one of the island boys) shared that the duo got a fresh cut.

TikTok Fans React:

Since sharing their new hairstyle, fans have taken the opportunity to flame the duo. On TikTok, the duo was met with jokes and memes regarding the duo’s new cuts. Many TikTok users were cracking G.I. Jane jokes in reference to the now-infamous Will Smith slap. Additionally, some viewers were comparing the duo’s new hair to coconuts.

TikTok comments reacting to the duo’s new hairstyles.

As of now, the brothers have yet to respond to the comments.

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