Jake Paul Becomes "homies" with Jeff Bezos on $500M Superyacht

It’s no secret that Jake Paul has made millions from boxing. The YouTuber, who previously was the head of the infamous content creation group known as team 10, has always dreamed of becoming the first billionaire influencer. Back in 2017,  in an interview with VICE News, Paul talked about his desire to be the first YouTube billionaire.  Well, on March 25th, 2022, Jake Paul is finally making some billionaire friends, and you won’t believe who.

On Twitter, Paul took to Twitter to share that him and former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos are “homies”.  Initially, many thought this tweet was a joke, however, Paul took to TikTok to share evidence of him chilling with the former Amazon CEO.

On TikTok, Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul can be seen hanging out on Bezos’s $500M superyacht. In a TikTok video, Paul and his brother can be seen dancing next to Bezos. Additionally, in the TikTok video — there appears to be a clip of Jake Paul jumping off the side of the $500M superyatcht.

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