Jake Paul Mike Tyson

Ever since Logan Paul fought professional boxer Floyd Mayweather fans have been begging for Jake Paul to have a similar opportunity. Well, it seems Jake Paul just scored the opportunity of a lifetime. Early this Saturday afternoon, on June 18th, 2022, Jake Paul took to Twitter to confirm that he will be fighting Mike Tyson. “This year we are making it happen”, Jake Paul confirmed via Twitter.

Jake Paul’s statement comes following Tyson’s most recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel. In the interview, Kimmel asked Tyson about the possibility of fighting Jake. “That could be very interesting. I never really took it into consideration, but yeah that could be really interesting.” Tyson responded when asked about the possibility.

As of now, it is not clear when exactly the two will be facing off, though one thing is for sure, they will be sometime this year. With both fighters interested in this lineup, it will be interesting to see how this fight manifests.