Drug-free, Jake Paul proved Dana White wrong. The 5-0 boxer is clean according to a recently leaked drug test. His former opponent, Tyrone Woodley is also clean. Multiple sources told the Sun that the pair tested negative for prohibited substances. The UFC president Dana White accused Jake Paul of using steroids earlier this week. This leak comes at a pivotal time in the two’s controversy, serving as a massive win for Paul.

Last week, White and Paul had a long-winded argument through Twitter. The beef, which has been building up over years, finally boiled over on New Year’s day when Dana shared a video. “I believe you use steroids”, Dana said in a Twitter video on New Year’s day, furthering the steroid rumors.
Jake Paul responded by posting his own video flaming the UFC president. In this video, Jake Paul hilariously roasted Dana White’s appearance. Paul also blasted White for underpaying his fighters.
“it shows that you are in a corner. A dog in a corner, trying to fight to save his whole company”, Jake paul said.
Jake Paul also proceeded to troll Dana White across all his social media accounts. The 5-0 boxer went as far as changing his Twitter bio to show he’s ready to be drug tested.
Jake Paul updates his bio suggesting he's ready to be drug tested.

In response to Dana White suggesting Jake Paul does steroids, Paul updated his Instagram bio, showing that he’s ready to be drug tested.

For Jake Paul, this was a massive win. As of now, Dana White has yet to respond. If you are interested in reading more about Jake Paul and Dana White’s beef click here.