Jake Paul Deji

Jake Paul vs Deji

In 2018, during the horizon of YouTube boxing, Jake Paul and Deji faced off on a historic night in the UK. After Paul secured a TKO victory over YouTube’s Comedy Gamer, he took his career to a 5-0 professional record. Deji, on the other hand, has struggled to gain momentum.¬†After suffering a shocking loss to TikToker Vinnie Hacker, Deji has been granted another opportunity with YouTube veteran Alex Wassabi.

The two held their open workouts on Wednesday where Deji revealed a big goal for his boxing career; a rematch with Jake Paul:

“100%. But I need to have a few more fights on my portfolio because he’s not just going to accept me straight away.”

– Deji when asked if a rematch with Jake Paul was in the cards for him via iFL TV

Jake Paul

Paul responded to Deji’s goal on Instagram by saying “Deji is a walking pube” and “I feel bad for people that are f—ing idiots”.

It’s safe to say that Paul is not interested in a rematch at this time. Deji did say he needed a few more fights for Paul to take him seriously, so anything could happen.

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