James Charles Slammed By Harry Styles & Billie Eilish Fans

Coachella Drama?

Let’s face it, James Charles does not have the best reputation on the internet. From allegations of child grooming to beef with various influencers, he has always found himself in hot water. Well, with this year’s Coachella in full swing, Charles has managed to find himself at the center of attention. Yesterday, April 15th, 2022, the Harry Styles fandom took to Twitter to make fun of Charles.

Jame Charles shared Harry Styles’ performance via Instagram.

Charles, who has a history of starting drama at Coachella, managed to catch the eye of Styles’ fans following an Instagram story post. On Instagram, Charles shared a brief video of Styles’ latest Coachella performance. As a result, this has caused some of Styles’ fans to feel the need to make fun of Charles. Many took the opportunity to joke that Styles will be hiding from Charles during the event. Additionally, one fan satirically tweeted: “if i see james charles shaking his ass to watermelon sugar i’m gonna fly to coachella and bury him there”

Billie Eilish Fans Also Slammed James Charles:

Harry Styles’s fans weren’t the only ones who had some words for Charles. On Twitter, Billie Eilish‘s supporters also took the opportunity to flame the beauty influencer.


James Charles Trends:

As a result of the flaming, James Charles started to trend on Twitter. At the time of this publication, over 11.6k tweets on James Charles have been included in the trend.
James Charles Trending after backlash from Harry Styles fans

A screenshot of James Charles trending on April 16th, 2022.


James Charles Seems To Be Doing Fine:

Despite the uptick of memes and Twitter dog piling, Charles seems to be doing fine. Since trending, Charles has posted many pictures to his Instagram story, showing that he is enjoying the event.
At the time of publishing, Charles has yet to address the situation.
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