On February 23rd, DramaAlert reported that Jeff Wittek had decided to pull his set off of the Roast of Bryce Hall due to David Dobrik’s involvement. However, due to a new upload from Jason Nash, the truth has become murky.

In the video, Nash explains that the reason for Wittek being cut was not due to David Dobrik, but because of SeatGeek’s stance on some of the jokes that were said. “I got Jeff to cut two of the jokes, but then there were three more that Jeff wouldn’t budge on, and he said, “I wanna pull my set,” claims Nash.

“Seat Geek sponsored this roast,” … “and basically, there were a bunch of jokes they wanted cut out”

– Jason Nash

However, this does not match Wittek’s story of David Dobrik being the reason why he left the event. In late February, Jeff made 2 tweets that revealed his side of the story. In the tweets, Seat Geek is not mentioned, instead, we see David Dobrik mentioned in three different, negative ways. The tweets also detail that Dobrik being there was the reason why his jokes were being cut.

Roast of Bryce Hall:

Following the airing of Bryce Hall’s roast, Bryce Hall and Mike Majlak took to Twitter discussing the unedited version of the roast. On Twitter Hall stated: “if the roast was unedited we’d all be [canceled]”.


Jeff Wittek has yet to make any public statements regarding Nash’s upload or the recently uploaded Roast; however, this article will be updated as soon as new information arises.


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