Nerd City is a famous YouTuber documentary filmmaker focused on analyzing the most controversial practices of influencers. Over the years, he has gained a broad audience with informative and comical videos. To the surprise of his fans, last Thursday, Nerd City returned from a hiatus of more than two years to his YouTube channel. In a one-hour video, Nerd City & ColossalIsCrazy attempted to expose “The Worst YouTuber OF All Time”, also known as Jaystation.

Throughout the YouTube community, Jaystation has established himself as an infamous figure. Through tasteless videos, often click-baiting recent deaths, Jaystation has established himself as a villain amongst the community. In Nerd City’s video, Jaystation gets exposed to various things. Additionally, the video covers alleged animal abuse, harsh working conditions, satanic worship, etc.

Jaystation’s reaction:

Following the video, Jaystaiton took to Twitter to share his reaction. Surprisingly, he seemed good-spirited about it; however, he brushed off many of the more serious points Nerd directed towards the former YouTuber.


Nerd City has made it clear that there will be a second part to this Jaystation documentary. For now, though, fans will have to wait a while until they get it.