Jenna Marbles via YouTube

Jenna Marbles has reappeared on social media after nearly two years. She became one of the most talked-about subjects on Twitter yesterday when her fiancé Julien Solomita posted a picture of the two of them holding hands together. In 2020 Marbles announced that she was abandoning her YouTube channel. A year later, she deactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Since then, fans have not heard from the influencer.

Jullien Solomita via Instagram

Solomita has disabled commenting on Instagram. However, fans couldn’t hide their excitement on Twitter. Many thought that her name in the trending topics meant that she might be coming back to YouTube. Others however preferred to express how much they respect the privacy of the influencer. The owner of Drama Alert, Keemstar asked YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to convince Marbles to return to her channel.


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