Jidion Throws First Pitch At Astros Game

Many famed influencers have taken the first pitch for countless MLB teams, however, over the past few weeks, the Astros have been witnesses to some of the greatest first games. Following Steve Aoki’s notable pitch at Fenway Park, Jidion has now stepped up to the mound to throw the first pitch for today’s Astros game.

In his tweet captioned “Gotta give all praises to God Huge Honor” Jidion took to Twitter to one-up Steve Aoki and throw a clean pitch, and then proceeded to celebrate with Orbit. With all the references to Steve Aoki, you’re probably wondering how bad that pitch was if you haven’t seen it, so in case you haven’t here you go, but be warned, it can come as a shock to some people.

As you can see, pretty bad, we can only imagine how hard the Astros and Red Sox pitchers cringed as they saw the ball reach that high up in the air.



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