JiDion Trolls Cop

A picture of YouTuber JiDion next to a rendering of a cop car.

Late last night, on June 24th, 2022, the YouTube prankster JiDion streamed his interaction with a police officer. The stream took place on Instagram Live and showed the prankster being pulled over for running a red light. Towards the end of the stream, the prankster decided to laugh off his encounter with the police, cracking a few jokes along the way.

Near the conclusion of the stream, JiDion took the opportunity to turn the situation into YouTube content. At one point, the prankster mentioned his lawyer was Saul Goodmen, the fictional lawyer from the AMC hit show ‘Breaking bad’. In a hilarious fashion, JiDion also took the opportunity to take a picture in front of the cop car for a thumbnail. Fortunately for JiDion, the encounter went relatively smoothly.