After a shaky past couple of months, Kanye West is back in the news for a shocking decision. After being set to headline and close both weekends of Coachella, TMZ announced that sources had told them the Donda rapper has decided to pull out of the lineup. This decision will not just affect fans who were excited to see Ye but also affect the fans who were excited to see Travis Scott perform. Scott was set to perform at 2022’s Coachella, however, was removed from the lineup shortly after the AstroFest incident.

No reasons have been explicitly said by neither Kanye nor Travis Scott’s management, leaving many confused as to why this decision was made, or if this decision was even his in the first place. Variety also reported that Kanye was “barred from a planned appearance at the Grammy Awards due to what was described as his “concerning online behavior.”


As much as a shock this decision is, there also is a group of people who are ecstatic that the rapper will not be attending, 49,677 people to be exact. All of whom have signed a petition for Kanye West to be removed from Coachella due to his ongoing battle against Pete Davidson. However as we’ve seen how petitions in the past have been unable to affect Coachella, we doubt that this is the reason as to why Kanye will not be performing.


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