KSI Called out by Anthony Taylor

On March 13, KSI & Deji were called out by Anthony Taylor after KSI’s manager and Anthony Taylor had a heated argument. The two’s argument began on Twitter with Anthony Taylor approaching KSI’s Manager Mams Taylor. In his tweet, Anthony Taylor asked the manager: “can i get a proper fight with any of bitch Squad?”

In response, Mams Taylor called Anthony an embarrassment. He also took the opportunity to make fun of Anthony: “My Chihuahua’s grandad would k.o. you. No fake fighters on our cards. Thx.”

Seeing KSI’s manager call him a fake fighter, Anthony Taylor clapped back by challenging KSI’s manager. In a statement made to Twitter Anthony Taylor announced to the world that he could knock out KSI and Deji.

As of now, neither KSI, Deji, or Mams Taylor has responded to Anthony Taylor’s knockout claims. Will we get to see Anthony Taylor vs one of the Olatunji brothers? Fans will have to wait to see.

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