KSI’s most recent YouTube Thumbnail.

On March 6th, KSI took to his secondary YouTube channel to air some frustrations for his little brother. In this video, the YouTuber-turned-rapper lambasts his brother Deji for yet again losing another fight. In the video, KSI speaking to his brother says: “This was meant to be your easy fight, and you lost.”

KSI also took the opportunity to make fun of Alex Wassabi, reminding his fans that he has made multiple videos clowning on Wassabi.

“Do you like loosing?”

-KSI, speaking to Deji.

KSI also opened up about warning Deji to pull out of his fight because he did not think his brother was in the right mentality to fight.

“I told you to pull out of the fight. I know you remember. I told you to pull out of the fight, you know why, because you don’t have the right mentality. The right mentality to win a fight.”

-KSI, speaking to Deji.

As of now, Deji has yet to respond to KSI’s video.


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