With the year wrapping up, KSI, also known as Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, teased big plans for the new year. Throughout 2021, KSI has had a monumental year due to his many successes such as the massive growth of his music career and the launch of eatsides. Over the holiday, KSI stated on Twitter that he is going to be focusing on his mental health heading into the new year. Given the year KSI had, he definitely deserves a break.



Though, despite the massive success, this year has not be the easiest for the accomplished artist. Along the way, KSI faced adversity. First, he accidentally used a transphobic slur — which he apologized for back in march. Secondly, he briefly quit twitter following increased hate on the platform. Then the artist was faced with his brothers disappoint boxing loss. KSI also disappointed his fans for the first time with his poorly received ‘The KSI show’  concert event. This year, he also contracted both the lockdown blues and COVID-19. But despite all of that, KSI still managed to smash records. Along the road, KSI managed two snag two platinum singles, drop a well received sophomore studio album, and went from went from 96 million to 586 million Spotify streams in under a year.


KSI staying humble in the DramaAlert comments.

Despite having a successful year, KSI still managed to stay humble.