Fake Lil Durk SteveWillDoIt 6ix9ine Set Up

Rapper Lil Durk has managed to find himself back in the headlines, this time, the rapper has managed to catch some heat following a video from a lookalike doppelganger.

In recent, the rapper’s lookalike has risen to TikTok fame, with him even hanging out with him the real Lil Durk a few times. Well, today’s story comes following a recent collaboration between Perkio (the doppelganger) and YouTuber SteveWillDoIt. Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, who is a close friend of Steve’s, was also there. On Instagram, 6ix9ine posted a video where he and his crew surround Perkio to dress him in a jacket with the late King Von’s face embroidered onto it.

If you are unaware, Von was a member of Lil Durk’s rap collective, OTF. The caption of 6ix9ine’s post supports his lasting beef with Lil Durk in which he believes Durk and OTF have not avenged Von’s death.

This troll video quickly went viral, fueling Perkio to claim on social media that he was ambushed by 6ix9ine. The lookalike says he was unaware that 6ix9ine would be there and was under the impression that he was going to collaborate with SteveWillDoIt. Furthermore, Perkio says he was forced to meet up with 6ix9ine upon his arrival. On Instagram Live, Perkio went off on 6ix9ine, telling him to “man up” and stop using him for clout. Steve denied setting it up by saying, “He knew exactly what he was getting into.”

Perkio also released footage of Steve pressuring him into meeting 6ix9ine, despite him saying no several times out of respect for Lil Durk.

6ix9ine Shares His Side

6ix9ine responded with a screenshot of a text exchange showing how the meetup was arranged beforehand, defending SteveWillDoIt.

He followed up with footage of Perkio apparently counting $7,000 in cash that was paid to him for doing the video.

SteveWillDoIt Makes a Response

In his now-deleted response video posted to Instagram, Steve tells Perkio he will give him $1 million if he can prove he set it up. The YouTuber also says he was not fully aware of what was going to happen, specifically the incident with the King Von jacket.

In the same post, Steve shared footage of Perkio being informed of 6ix9ine’s presence.

Additionally, Steve tweeted that he “got set up,” though it is unclear by whom.

Influencers React

Kyle Forgeard of NELK commented on Steve’s post, advising him to cut ties with 6ix9ine.

Fake Lil Durk SteveWillDoIt 6ix9ine Set Up

JiDion tweeted his disapproval of Steve, predicting that he will go quiet for a bit and then return to posting his regular content. YourRAGE replied with his thoughts, calling Steve a “clown”.

Did SteveWillDoIt and 6ix9ine Have a Falling Out?

It seems that Steve may have taken Kyle’s advice, as he and 6ix9ine no longer follow each other on Instagram. The two have yet to address this publicly, however.

Fake Lil Durk SteveWillDoIt 6ix9ine Set Up


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