Logan Paul Dog Bite

Over the years, Logan Paul has become known for being a comical YouTuber. Multiple times this year alone we saw the content creator go viral due to hilarous clips. Well, Paul is back at it again. This time, he’s sharing his workout routine which resulted in his dog biting his balls.

Video Of Logan’s Bite:

How Logan Got Bit:

The video starts off playful, as it always would, with Logan and his dog bonding as the pair swing each other around. However, the plan goes completely wrong once Logan curses himself with the phrase “this is how you use your dog to work out,” and then pulls the canine closer. At this very moment, Logan is caught looking straight down at his dog, and realizes his mistake, for a split second you are able to uncertainty cross his mind before he is then attacked.

Avid fans of the Youtuber also are aware that this isn’t the first testicle issue Paul has been through. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Paul explains that during a stunt after landing on a chair, he was forced to lose 15% of his testicle. This led to Jimmy ending the interview with him advising the Youtuber to take better care of his testicles, which Paul seemed to take heart all the way up until today.