Logan Paul WWE

Logan Paul is rumored to once again be taking the stage at a WWE event

During the Elimination Chamber PPV, The Miz did a backstage promo stating that he was calling for someone to be his partner against Rey and Dominik Mysterio. According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, WWE’s current plan is for Paul to aid Miz during his feud with the Mysterio’s, and it may result in a tag team match at WrestleMania.

Miz referred to his potential teammate as a “superlative athlete” and “global superstar,” which led to plenty of fan speculation.

Logan Paul WWE

Paul has made several WWE appearances over the last year, including taking a brutal stunner from Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania 37.

Because Miz has successfully worked with celebrities many times during his WWE career, Logan Paul would be a sensible choice as his partner. This is huge for Paul — the report also notes that he will be teaming with the former WWE Champion for an actual match, which will potentially take place at WrestleMania 38.


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