Last night, on October 4th, 2022, the storytelling-based YouTuber McJuggerNuggets was called out by a transgender content creator known as Emily Saxton. The two creators, who have previously worked and lived together, parted ways on seemingly good terms last April; however, Saxton’s latest callout raises some questions regarding her departure and McJuggerNuggets’s tolerance of queer individuals.

“I’ve publicly defended you in the past about not being transphobic” [..] “just to protect you… And I’ve stayed quiet for way to long.”

– Emily Saxton

McJuggerNuggets Deadnamed a Trans Person:

McJuggerNuggets, who’s best known for his ‘Psycho Series’, first met Saxton back in 2016. At the time, Saxton was still presenting as a guy and was a fan of McJuggerNuggets. Additionally, Saxton was not yet a full-time content creator herself. The pair’s official first meeting was captured on McJuggerNuggets’s video titled “CRASHING A FAN’S DRONE!” when McJuggerNuggets’s uncle formally introduced the two. Since then, the pair has worked frequently with each other and grew as content creators alongside each other in the process. In December of last year, while living at McJuggerNuggets’s ‘Rigid House’, Saxton took to YouTube to announce her gender transition. In the video, which has since racked up over ninety-five thousand views, Saxton shared her struggles with gender dysphoria and her desire to transition.

Emily Saxton Slams McJuggerNuggets For Transphobia:

Following her move out of McJuggerNuggets’s ‘Rigid House’, Saxton has been rather quiet regarding McJuggerNuggets; instead, opting to pursue content creation independently. However, last night Saxton broke her silence after a fan sent her a video of McJuggerNuggets deadnaming her, while also making an offensive Jeffrey Dahmer joke in the process.

In her Twitter thread, Saxton called out McJuggerNuggets by tweeting the following: “Stopping yourself have way through my last name… but also dead named me to confuse it with a serial killer who skinned and ate gay men.” Additionally, Saxton also revealed that McJuggerNuggets continues to use old masculine photos of her from before she transitioned, despite having more up-to-date footage of her.

In case you are not aware, deadnaming refers to the deliberate act of using a transgender person’s birth name without a legitimate reason. Additionally, such a name no longer reflects the individual’s gender expression and is considered a slur by most of the trans community.

McJuggerNuggets’s Friends Speak Out Against Him:

Following Saxton’s Twitter thread, many in the YouTube community were quick to come to her aid. YouTubers such as KidBehindACamera, Bridgette West, and Boogie2988 were some of the many to call out McJuggerNuggets’s behavior. Additionally, Boogie decided to take matters further and publically announced his unfollowing of McJuggerNuggets.

YouTuber Shallow Reveals Transphobic Texts:

Following Saxton’s thread, content creator Shallow revealed text from McJuggerNuggets, implying that McJuggerNuggets never fully supported her transition, despite him showing support in the past.

“yeah and we’re going to have to deal with the repercussions…really losing his mind then”, McJuggerNuggets’s speaking privately over text regarding Saxton’s transition.

Nicholas Rugenus, another YouTube creator, also spoke out in defense of Saxton. He took to Twitter to corroborate her story. “I’ve witnessed it first hand, the way he treated @ItsEmilySaxton was not cool.”, he shared.

In addition to this, fans on Reddit dug up an old tweet from content creator Migz Films where he attempted to accuse McJuggerNuggets of being transphobic. Many fans are now citing this previous Twitter accusation as more evidence against McJuggerNuggets.

McJuggerNuggets’s Family Defends Him:

Many of McJuggerNuggets’s close friends and family have taken the opportunity to air their thoughts on the matter. For example, McJuggerNuggets’s uncle, known online as ‘Uncle Larry’ took to Twitter this afternoon to sub-tweet the situation.

“Looks like unfollowing, muting and blocking is back on the table. Is it me or are you guys all getting sick of the “highschool twitter” drama too? “, he shared via Twitter.

Additionally, the mother of McJuggerNuggets’s girlfriend also spoke on the matter by tweeting: “Love how people love to cause drama just to get followers. #pathetic” 

As of now, McJuggerNuggets has yet to respond to the situation. This story is still developing…


October 5th, 2022 @ 7:40 PM EST: 

McJuggerNuggets took to Twitter to respond to the allegations. In a Twitter video, the YouTuber explained that he was just making jokes. At one point in the video, McJuggerNuggets states that it was just “boys being boys” before clarifying by saying “that’s how it was back then”.  Such a statement could be found offensive and insensitive by the trans community, as it fails to acknowledge Swift’s current gender identity. Additionally, McJuggerNuggets deadnamed Saxton again towards the end of the video.

The Full video can be found below: