Mike Tyson Seen Punching Man

An recent picture of Mike Tyson.

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson has managed to find himself at the center of controversy. Today, TMZ Sports reported that the retired professional boxer was in an altercation while on a plane Wednesday night. In footage obtained by TMZ, the former fighter can be seen repeatedly punching a man in the face.


According to TMZ, the ordeal played out around 10:30 PM PT, while Tyson was attempting to fly from San Fransisco to Florida. Sources close to the former fighter told TMZ that the man Tyson attacked was “extremely intoxicated … and wouldn’t stop provoking the boxer in his seat”.
Following the now-viral beat-down video, a witness told TMZ that Tyson quickly walked off the plane shortly after.

Fans & Celeberties React:

Since its publication, the video has gone viral all across social media. Almost instantly Mike Tyson began to trend on Twitter.
Additionally, many fans took the opportunity to speak on the matter. Even legendary hip-hop emcee ICE T spoke up on the matter: “Mike Tyson punched somebody who was Fn with him……. The problem is nowadays, MFs think they WON’T get punched in the Face…”

As of now, Tyson has yet to publically address the situation.

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